Concreting Tools For Sale Online

Concrete is very versatile and can be used for many different purposes. It can be used as a flooring material, walls, pavements, furniture, and even kitchen and bathroom countertops. The GFRC concrete in particular, can be used to create thin surfaces that are light-weight and easy to use. But you need the right concrete tools to shape and mould this material according to your needs. At Domcrete, we know that a professional who works with concrete uses a number of tools and equipment to ensure the finished product is according to their requirements.


Grinding and Mixing Equipment


From the mixing stage to the finishing stage, concrete requires a set of equipment and machines to get the best finish. In our store we have the following powertools to help mix and finish concrete. We offer all these concrete polishing equipment for sale at our store.


  • 5″ Variable Speed Flex Wet Polisher
  • Flex LCP 1703 VR, Variable Speed Planetary Polisher
  • Flex PLW 923 S, Pneumatic Wet Sander/Polisher/Grinder
  • Flex, LW 1202 S Extreme Duty Wet Polisher
  • Collomix X06, 2 Speed Hand Mixer


Moulds, Forms, and Casting Tables


You need moulds and frames to create the perfect concrete countertop. We have sink moulds, release moulds, and reinforcements that would help you create the best and solid countertop that would withstand the pressure of the finishing process and regular wear and tear. The final shape and design of the countertop depends largely on the moulds and forms, so you need to choose the right one. These moulds are also generally waterproof and keep moisture at bay.


Casting tables are just tables on which the mould sits on while the concrete cures. This table can withstand the weight of the concrete and is very sturdy. It’s also big enough to support the entire concrete slab easily. If you purchase a flimsy table, it’ll collapse under the pressure and your hard work would go down the drain.




When the concrete sits in the mould, it can develop air bubbles that can compromise the integrity of the slab. Vibrators are the best way to avoid this problem. It would vibrate the mould and help settle and consolidate the concrete. It would also help keep the surface level. It’s one of the most important tools used in the concrete countertop creation process because it ensures the slab is solid and settled.


Common Concreting Equipment


You might need some normal concreting equipment that is used in everything from pouring concrete to finishing it. These tools will help you get a resilient surface that would stand the test of time. These tools include levels, tampers, tape measures, trowels, and edgers. In concrete countertop fabrication, the mould usually handles the job, but these tools can come in handy to address any minor imperfections and problems.


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