Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cover-Tex?faq
Spray-on Stencil is a cement based product that has been specifically designed to resurface existing outdoor, high traffic concrete areas. Perfect for new developments or renovation projects Domcrete can use a myriad of colours, patterns, custom logos, designs and effects to place the final touches on your project. Custom designed logos and motifs can also be created.

Where can I use it?
Spray-on Stencil can enhance any outdoor concrete area. This includes driveways, entertainment area and paths around the home as well as for a multitude of commercial applications. All concrete area’s wether old or new (after the curing process is completed) can benefit from Spray-on Stencil. Types of concrete that can be resurfaced are plain concrete, coloured concrete, stencilled concrete, pebblecrete and exposed aggregate. For best results the existing concrete surface must be of sound and solid condition.

Does Spray-on Stencil come with a warranty?
YES. Domcrete proudly provide a 7 Year Written Labour Warranty along with a Maintenance Program with all Spray-on Stencil work. Products also come with a manufacturer’s warranty for both Residential and Commercial applications.

How long can Cover-Tex last?
Cover-Tex has been independently tested by the C.S.I.R.O. The results indicate that if Cover-Tex is applied in accordance with the manufacturers specifications, a service life in excess of 15 years may be expected.

How thick is Cover-Tex?
The surface may build up to approximately 2 – 4 mm over the existing concrete. This product does not create a step. It is a purely cosmetic product and is not used for structural purposes. Domcrete provide a full concreting service and can assess your concrete regarding any structural modification needs.

What colours do you have?
We have 30 colours, ranging from vibrant and contemporary colours such as Sandy Beige and Tuscan Yellow, through to more traditional colours like Terracotta and Brick Red and a new Designer Range with 10 new colours that compliment the COLORBOND® roofing range.”

(See colours and patterns)

Why do I need a basecoat?
A basecoat is always recommended in the Cover-Tex process. This is to add uniformity and to improve the overall look of the final job.

Can I have a different basecoat colour?
Yes, you can choose a different basecoat for your job. There are 25 traditional colours plus 10 from the Designer Colour Range which compliment the COLORBOND® colour range.

How often do I need to reseal?
The final coat that we apply is a sealer. This protects your stencilled area from the elements and from spills and should be resealed every 18 months to 24 months in accordance with our warranty and manufacturers specifications.