GFRC Countertop Supplies

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GFRC stands for glass fiber reinforced concrete and is basically exactly how it sounds – concrete reinforced with glass fibers. It is commonly used to form the hulls of boats and extremely complex shapes. It is most effectively used to create countertops, vanities, dining tables, coffee tables and wall panels due to its strength and unique properties that make up the material.

GFRC is made by mixing a combination of water, cement, fine sand, polymer, glass fibers and other admixtures.

Benefits of GFRC:

Lightweight: Although the density is similar to concrete, GFRC panels are able to be much thinner than traditional concrete ones which makes them lighter.

Tensile Strength, High Compressive & Flexural: Due to the high does of glass fibers with the GFRC mixture, it leads to high tensile strength while the high level of polymer make the concrete flexible and resistant to cracking. Proper reinforcing will always increase the strength of the object you are creating.

GFRC Countertop Supply Facts:

  • GFRC was first created in the 1940s in Russia but it wasn’t until the 1970’s that the current form came into widespread use.
  • GFRC can accommodate a variety of artistic embellishments so if you are feeling arty, here are some of the ways you can undertake this method – acid staining, dying, integral pigmentation, decorative aggregates and veining.

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