Graded White Silica Sand, 20kg

Graded White Silica Sand, 20kg A perfect blend of the.


Eco Pozz, 18 kg

Eco Pozz, 18 kg Replaces up to 30% cement.



XS-327 Sealer – Matte or Gloss SureCrete’s XS-327 is a specially.



AR Glass Fibre, 20kg [embed][/embed] 20kg, 13mm or 19mm AR Glass.



Buddy Rhodes Liquid Polymer 20kg Buddy Rhodes Liquid Polymer is.



AR Glass Net (Scrim), 10LM [embed][/embed] AR Glass Net (Scrim),.


Eco Pozz, 18 kg

White Silica Fume, 10kg Silica Fume is used in.



Buddy Rhodes PVA Fibres, RECS 100, 450 gms (1lb) Bag PVA Fibres (polyvinyl alcohol) are high-performance reinforcement.



Forton VF-774 Polymer, 20kg Features The Primary Benefits of.


Caulking Tools – Stainless Steel

Caulking Tools – Stainless Steel This tool is used to.


Black Iron Oxide

Black Iron Oxide, 4kg   Black Iron Oxide, 4Kg.


GFRC White Premix, 20kg GFRC White Premix in Sydney.


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GFRC Supplies

GFRC Concrete Supplies Sydney

GRFC stands for glass fibre reinforced concrete and it has become very popular in a number of projects lately. The material has been around since the 1940s but the old GRFC wasn’t as resilient and durable as the products available in the market today. The glass fibres couldn’t withstand the high-alkaline environment within the concrete and degraded eventually. The technology has improved considerably since then and alkaline-resistant glass fibres are now used in GRFC.


How Does It Work?
The concept behind this is simple. Concrete isn’t very resilient and durable without some reinforcement installed within it. In construction, people pour concrete over metal rebar and rods to make the installation stronger & durabe. Glass fibre is just another material used for reinforcement to ensure the concrete is strong enough to withstand weight and pressure. The combination of glass fibre and concrete works well and the reinforcing material doesn’t degrade easily.
The Benefits of Using GRFC

  • Weight – One of the best qualities of GRFC is the fact that it’s light weight, thin, and therefore much more versatile. It can be about 75% lighter than concrete of same dimensions reinforced with different materials. For example, a traditional concrete countertop slab is usually 2 inches thick while a GRFC countertop will only be 1 inch in thickness.

  • Cracking – Because the glass fibre is a mesh-like material, the concrete doesn’t crack easily under pressure. It won’t chip or crumble as normal concrete does when it’s cut. This makes it ideal for large area surfaces like kitchen and bathroom countertops.

  • Shape and Design – This material is truly versatile because it can be poured into a mould or shaped according to your liking. That’s one of the reasons why GFRC is often used in decorative elements.

  • Resilience – Just because the concrete can be thin and light weight doesn’t mean that it’s weak. It can easily withstand up to 4000 psi of weight, especially if you use high quality materials to achieve the result.

  • Durable – This material is very durable and will last for several decades after it’s installed. It has a clean finish that looks timeless and appealing so you won’t regret the decision to install it.

Our GRFC Concrete Supplies
If you want to use GRFC in your latest project, you need to make sure that you have the right materials. We’re one of the foremost suppliers of GRFC in Australia and New Zealand. Here are some reasons why you should purchase the GRFC concrete supplies from us:

  • Industry Experience – Our founder, Domeric, has been a part of the concrete industry for over 20 years and has hands-on experience with concrete and knows what contractors need.

  • Quality – The strength of GRFC concrete is based on the quality of the materials used in the manufacture. We provide top-quality GRFC concrete supplies in Sydney and other areas.


You can know more about our GFRC concrete supplies if you contact us at Domcrete. Just give us a call at 1300 132 679 or email us at You can also use this contact us form to get in touch with us.