Graded White Silica Sand, 20kg

Graded White Silica Sand, 20kg A perfect blend of the.


Eco Pozz, 18 kg

Eco Pozz, 18 kg Replaces up to 30% cement.



XS-327 Sealer – Matte or Gloss SureCrete’s XS-327 is a specially.



AR Glass Fibre, 20kg [embed][/embed] 20kg, 13mm or 19mm AR Glass.



Buddy Rhodes Liquid Polymer 20kg Buddy Rhodes Liquid Polymer is.



AR Glass Net (Scrim), 10LM [embed][/embed] AR Glass Net (Scrim),.


Eco Pozz, 18 kg

White Silica Fume, 10kg Silica Fume is used in.



Buddy Rhodes PVA Fibres, RECS 100, 450 gms (1lb) Bag PVA Fibres (polyvinyl alcohol) are high-performance reinforcement.



Forton VF-774 Polymer, 20kg Features The Primary Benefits of.


Caulking Tools – Stainless Steel

Caulking Tools – Stainless Steel This tool is used to.


Black Iron Oxide

Black Iron Oxide, 4kg   Black Iron Oxide, 4Kg.


GFRC White Premix, 20kg GFRC White Premix in Sydney.


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Grinding discs

Grinding discs


Polished concrete floors and countertops have become very popular over the years, because the material is sustainable, easy to maintain, and relatively affordable. A contractor or even a DIY enthusiast should have a set of good concrete equipment. At Domcrete, we have a good collection of tools and equipment, including grinding disks that would help you with any concrete project you take up.

Why are Grinding Disks Used?

Concrete without any embellishments and finishing treatments is quite dull and boring. Residential and commercial property owners were never too happy with having concrete surface on their property, because it just didn’t look good. This trend has changed now, due to the different finishing techniques that can make concrete surfaces look appealing.

One of the most popular finishing techniques is concrete polish. The surface can be honed and buffed to a mirror-like gloss with the use of progressively finer grit grinding discs. They spin in a circular motion and slowly polish the surface of the concrete, breaking down the irregularities. The rough texture is eventually removed and the concrete develops a smooth, stone-like finish. You can control the intensity of the gloss on the surface with the grit size and the time you take to polish.


Why Purchase Discs From Us?

Grinding discs are subjected to considerable amount of pressure on a daily basis. They rub against the hard concrete at high speeds and that generates a large amount of heat that can compromise the integrity of a badly made disc. Here are some reasons why you should purchase the disc from us:

  • Quality – We understand that people can’t afford to replace the grinding discs repeatedly, which is why we pay keen attention to quality. Our products are specifically designed for concrete polishing and can withstand harsh conditions and use.

  • Price – Our concrete equipment are always priced reasonably and this disc is no exception. You get a good quality product at an affordable price so you won’t have to worry about spending hundreds of dollars on your new grinding disc.

  • Availability – We always have products on stock and if they aren’t available, we specially order it so that it can be delivered to you as quickly as possible. We understand that problems with grinding discs can delay projects and cause problems, so we do our best to get the products promptly.


Why Choose Us?

We’re an established brand with a reputation for good quality products. Our founder has been a part of this industry for over 20 years and knows what concrete works and professionals require. We sell products that would make your job easier and provide good quality results. Our company also has an excellent shipping and returns policy so you get ample buyer protection when you purchase products from us.


You can know more about our grinding disc if you contact us at Domcrete. Just give us a call at 1300 132 679 or email us at You can also use this contact us form to get in touch with us.