Graded White Silica Sand, 20kg

Graded White Silica Sand, 20kg A perfect blend of the.


Eco Pozz, 18 kg

Eco Pozz, 18 kg Replaces up to 30% cement.



XS-327 Sealer – Matte or Gloss SureCrete’s XS-327 is a specially.



AR Glass Fibre, 20kg [embed][/embed] 20kg, 13mm or 19mm AR Glass.



Buddy Rhodes Liquid Polymer 20kg Buddy Rhodes Liquid Polymer is.



AR Glass Net (Scrim), 10LM [embed][/embed] AR Glass Net (Scrim),.


Eco Pozz, 18 kg

White Silica Fume, 10kg Silica Fume is used in.



Buddy Rhodes PVA Fibres, RECS 100, 450 gms (1lb) Bag PVA Fibres (polyvinyl alcohol) are high-performance reinforcement.



Forton VF-774 Polymer, 20kg Features The Primary Benefits of.


Caulking Tools – Stainless Steel

Caulking Tools – Stainless Steel This tool is used to.


Black Iron Oxide

Black Iron Oxide, 4kg   Black Iron Oxide, 4Kg.


GFRC White Premix, 20kg GFRC White Premix in Sydney.


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Hand Pads

Hand Pads


Even with sophisticated polishing and buffing machines, many contractors like to work with hand pads to polish some portions of concrete. Good quality hand pads aren’t so difficult to work with and can easily polish the concrete surface to a nice, smooth finish. At Domcrete, we have high-quality pads that can withstand considerable amount of wear and tear easily and give good results.


Why Use Hand Pads

  • Precision – Hand pads allow you the kind of precision that no other buffing or polishing machines can offer. You can control the angle and direction of the pads to get the best possible finish on the concrete.

  • Control – You can control the amount of pressure and polish you get from the hand polish. Most contractors can sense just how much pressure they need to apply to achieve the best results because they get tactile feedback.

  • GFRC Surfaces – This pad is ideal for thin concrete surfaces like kitchen and bathroom counters because you can control the amount of pressure you place on the surface. Buffing and polishing machines can sometimes cause damage to delicate surfaces.

  • Hard to Reach Areas – Some areas and spots on the concrete surface can be hard to reach with machines but hand pads are smaller and thinner so it can easily handle curves and crevices. That’s why we believe that everyone who works with concrete should have a few hand pads.


Types of Grits

Different projects require different kinds of hand pads. The higher the grit density, the better the polish would be.


  • 40 grit
  • 60 grit
  • 120 grit
  • 220 grit
  • 400 grit
  • 600 grit


Why Choose Us?

Most of our competitors are corporate entities and haven’t worked with concrete. We have worked with the material and know how it behaves and what kinds of tools are required to work with it. Here are some reasons why you should purchase products from us:


  • Quality – We focus on quality and make sure that all our products work well and are resilient. Polishing tools like hand pads can wear down and become useless quickly. This forces a client to purchase the materials repeatedly, and that can be expensive and troublesome. We sell products that are resilient and durable so you can trust that this hand pad would last for a long time.

  • Affordability – We have good quality affordable products so you can stock as many hand pads in your tool collection as you want. This would ensure you always have a backup in case your current hand pad stops being effective.

  • Shipping and Delivery – Our shipping and returns policy is very straightforward and easy to understand. We also offer prompt shipping so your order will be at your doorstep in a matter of days.


You can know more about our hand pads if you contact us at Domcrete. Just give us a call at 1300 132 679 or email us at You can also use this contact us form to get in touch with us.