Graded White Silica Sand, 20kg

Graded White Silica Sand, 20kg A perfect blend of the.


Eco Pozz, 18 kg

Eco Pozz, 18 kg Replaces up to 30% cement.



XS-327 Sealer – Matte or Gloss SureCrete’s XS-327 is a specially.



AR Glass Fibre, 20kg [embed][/embed] 20kg, 13mm or 19mm AR Glass.



Buddy Rhodes Liquid Polymer 20kg Buddy Rhodes Liquid Polymer is.



AR Glass Net (Scrim), 10LM [embed][/embed] AR Glass Net (Scrim),.


Eco Pozz, 18 kg

White Silica Fume, 10kg Silica Fume is used in.



Buddy Rhodes PVA Fibres, RECS 100, 450 gms (1lb) Bag PVA Fibres (polyvinyl alcohol) are high-performance reinforcement.



Forton VF-774 Polymer, 20kg Features The Primary Benefits of.


Caulking Tools – Stainless Steel

Caulking Tools – Stainless Steel This tool is used to.


Black Iron Oxide

Black Iron Oxide, 4kg   Black Iron Oxide, 4Kg.


GFRC White Premix, 20kg GFRC White Premix in Sydney.


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Super Flex

Super Flex

Super Flex is one of our most popular products because of the fine finish it gives to the concrete. This flexible and economical solution ensures that the concrete surface iscompletely smooth and has a great shine. At Domcrete, we recommend this for precision polishing work on concrete countertops when you want a great, reflective polish.


About Super Flex

Super Flex, as the name implies, is very flexible and that means it ideal for countertops because you need to carefully polish the corners to take away the rough edges as well. This will fit in well with your machine and make sure that the surface has a nice, even finish to it. We have different grit densities to ensure you get the right amount of polish. While the Super Flex can work with natural stone and concrete, we recommend that you use it only for concrete. Natural stone might require specialised polishing pads.


The Super Flex pad will work on both wet and dry surfaces, though it’s most effective on wet surfaces. The wet surface would decrease friction and heat, and extend the life of the pad. If the polish generates too much heat and friction, the Super Flex might become damaged.


Types of Grits


  • 50 grit
  • 100 grit
  • 200 grit
  • 400 grit
  • 800 grit
  • 1500 grit
  • 3000 grit


Why Purchase From Us?

We’ve been a part of this industry for a very long time and understand which products work and which don’t. We store the best concrete countertop supplies that we’re confident would work well and provide good results.


  • The Value – Our Super Flex pads are very affordable and offer good value. For $25, you get a product that would work well and is made from good quality materials. You can fit it on any angled grinder and it would give you a great result on your polish. Because these are so affordable, you can stock up Flex pads that you use most often so that you can replace damaged ones quickly.
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  • The Quality – The Super Flex pads are made from durable materials that can withstand a considerable amount of wear and tear. We sell original products so you can be certain that this would stand the test of time and deliver great results.

  • Delivery – Why waste time to go purchase at a store when you can easily purchase this product online and get it delivered to your doorstep? We partner with great shippers who will ensure Super Flex reaches your residence on time and without any damage.


If you’re not satisfied with the product, you can always return it. Just call our customer care number and register your problem and we’ll explain our returns policy to you.


You can know more about our Super Flex if you contact us at Domcrete. Just give us a call at 1300 132 679 or email us at You can also use this contact us form to get in touch with us.