Concrete Sink Mould, 2pc Oval Vessel
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Concrete Sink Mould, 2pc Oval Vessel



Our line of fiberglass sink molds are the highest quality and lowest cost to own…Guaranteed! – Featuring Rim-Lock and the only concrete countertop sink mold to offer a Lifetime Warranty


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Product Description


The only line of fiberglass sink molds with a Lifetime Manufacture Warranty

  • Artistically made with durable fiberglass and gel-coat construction
  • High tolerances insure consistent results time after time
  • Superior fit and finish
  • Comes with reusable rubber drain plug
  • Features Rim-Lock, an integrated reinforcement surrounding the underside of the mold
  • No need to add additional reinforcements which prevents flex/distortion of the mold walls
  • Prevents edge chipping of the mold
  • Allows user option to secure mold with screws or silicone
  • Provides an easy solution for removal of mold


Product Specifications

  • Measurements
    • Length 482mm
    • Width 355mm
    • Height 127mm
  • Dimensions are based upon sink opening.  Remember to allow for wall thickness of concrete


Mold Preparation & Maintenance

  • Your mold comes with an initial coat of wax however additional release agent is needed
  • Use of wax and a release agent on the mold prior to pouring concrete will facilitate easy removal of your mold without damage
  • Be sure to thoroughly apply a few coats of Counter Kare water based Carnuba Wax to your mold prior to pouring


Cleaning Mold

  • Do not use solvents to clean your mold
  • Use a soapy solution to clean mold.  You may use a diluted 5:1 solution of muriatic acid if concrete sticks to mold