200 ggrit diamond
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Buddy Rhodes Diamond Hand Polishing Pad, 200 Grit


High Performance Foam Backed Polishing Pads

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Product Description

Buddy Rhodes Diamond Hand Pad

Buddy Rhodes diamond impregnated hand polishing pads are made to polish and grind hard material such as concrete, glass and stone with ease. Use Buddy Rhodes diamond hand pads to effectively knock down mold marks, high spots and edges on your concrete project. Electroplated diamond hand pads are great tools for detail and corner finishing as well as along your splash back, inside your sink bowls and along walls.

The Buddy Rhodes line of diamond hand pads are manufactured using an ergonomically designed, semi-pliable foam backing with ambidextrous finger grips. The diamond surface has been extended to fill the entire face of the pad allowing the diamond material to meet the edges of the pad without any foam buffers.

Advanced electroplated bonding procedures allow multiple embed layers of diamond substrate for superior wear resistance. Highly uniformed diamond bedding prevents chipping when working delicate materials while producing a uniformed grinding and polishing profile.

The Buddy Rhodes hand pads are also colour coded for the user’s convenience from black through grey to white, indicating the fineness of the polish. White being the finest.

Additional Information

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