Stonelok Professional Sealing System Gloss
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Stonelok Professional Sealing System Gloss



Stonelok Concrete Countertop Sealing System.  Includes appropriate proportions of OSW, E3 & 2K material.  Choose sheen level and kit size covering approximately 40 or 80sq. ft.


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Product Description


  • Kit includes all three steps: OSW, E3 & 2K


  • Available in:
    • Extra Low Gloss
    • Low Gloss
    • Gloss


  • Water-based (food safe)
  • Unmatched stain resistance (coffee, wine, soda, vinegar, citrus, Tabasco, acetone, gasoline, Clorox and more)
  • Unbeaten abrasion resistance
  • 400 degree heat resistant (even a lit cigarette)
  • This system is also widely used for residential applications

Additional Information

Weight 1.50kg kg