Buddy Rhodes GFRC Admixture 13.61kg
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Buddy Rhodes GFRC Admixture – Bulk

Buddy Rhodes GFRC Admixture provides strength and durability for GFRC mixes.

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Product Description

GFRC Admixture

GFRC Admixture is a polymer modified multi component admixture which provides strength and durability for GFRC mixes. This admixture can be added to other blended concrete mixes and from scratch formulas to increase strength and improve workability. The blend is a carefully proportioned mix of chemical and mineral admixtures to combat the inherent weaknesses in concrete. The use of this admixture eliminates the need for curing polymers, pozzolans, defoamers, and shrinkage reducers. Highly refined in composition, this admix provides maximum performance at minimal weight, reducing shipping costs and other concerns related to comparable products, including risk of freezing common with liquid curing polymers.

These are bags weight 30lb (Imperial) which convert to 13.6kg (metric) bags of GFRC Admixture